Should I not wander the wild in lion's garb?

[Said Gilgamesh to her,] to the tavern-keeper: '[Why should my cheeks not be hollow, my face not sunken,] [My mood not wretched, my visage not wasted?] '[Should not sorrow reside in my heart,] [and my face not resemble one come from afar?] [Should not my features be burnt by frost and by sunshine,] [and should I not wander the wild in lion's garb?] ... 'How can I keep silent?] How can I stay quiet? [My friend, whom I loved, has turned] to clay, my friend Enkidu, whom I loved, has [turned to clay.] [Shall I not be like] him, and also lie down, [never] to rise again, through all eternity?'
The Epic of Gilgamesh, Tablet X, trans. Andrew George

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Should my face not resemble one come from afar?


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Should my face not resemble one come from afar? was purchased on March 14, 2014 from GoDaddy.

The line “Should I not wander the wild lion's garb” comes from Tablet X of the Babylonian epic poem Epic of Gilgamesh, as translated by Andrew George, as do the other lines of poetry used in the headers and the footer. The quotation is one of Gilgamesh's many expressions of grief for his fallen friend Enkidu. The Epic of Gilgamesh really speaks to me as one of the earliest fictional texts about the transience of life and the transformative power of death.

Version 1 features the gorgeous Fall of the Rebel Angels, by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, painted in 1562. It depicts the War in Heaven from the Book of Revelation. I chose this for the first version of Lion's Garb because my other favorite old text is John Milton's Paradise Lost, which dramatizes the Fall, again in epic poem format.

The background wood texture, which you will only see if your browser is wider than 1280px or you are zoomed out, is modified from one from Pixeden. The font on the header is 'A Love of Thunder', and the favicon is from Chrono Trigger.

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