Should I not wander the wild in lion's garb?

[Said Gilgamesh to her,] to the tavern-keeper: '[Why should my cheeks not be hollow, my face not sunken,] [My mood not wretched, my visage not wasted?] '[Should not sorrow reside in my heart,] [and my face not resemble one come from afar?] [Should not my features by burnt by frost and by sunshine,] [and should I not wander the wild in lion's garb?] ... 'How can I keep silent?] How can I stay quiet? [My friend, whom I loved, has turned] to clay, my friend Enkidu, whom I loved, has [turned to clay.] [Shall I not be like] him, and also lie down, [never] to rise again, through all eternity?'
The Epic of Gilgamesh, Tablet X, trans. Andrew George

Should my visage not be wasted?

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